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heritage tour & "ready-for-school' shopping trip

For two consecutive weeks, students from Loving Heart's Tuition Programme and PCF Centres in Jurong GRC were invited to join the Heritage Tour & "Ready-for-school" shopping trip. They learned about cultural origins from the Malay and Indian Heritage Centres.


Following the heritage tour, volunteers from DBS served as mentors to guide students in their shopping trip at IMM. They were happy to have the freedom of choosing their own school supplies to get ready for school next year.

movie screening: frozen 2

We would like to thank Singapore Food Agency for sponsoring 80 kids to watch the movie premier of Frozen 2! The kids loved the movie and enjoyed themselves immensely.

On 16 November 2019, Loving Heart hosted young participants from Jurong for a delightful morning event organised by student volunteers from River Valley High School. Through sensory tests with origami and a station-based treasure hunt, our young participants had loads of fun. 

here to warm hearts

The Down Syndrome Association kindly invited Loving Heart’s Free Tuition students and their parents to a carnival organized by them at  Bishan Community Club. They were thoroughly entertained with many games booths, where they could win prizes. Each of them were also thrilled to receive early Christmas gifts of their choice, kindly given by donors.

Carnival of love

Organized by students of NUS High School of Math & Science, this 2-day Science camp was not only enriching but a fun and insightful experience for our Free Tuition students.


They were given the opportunity to try out various science experiments and they also made their own terrarium using materials given by the School. Our students learned interesting facts through hands-on experiences which allowed them to expand their knowledge in an enjoyable manner.

science camp

childrens' fiesta 2018

Though the kind and generous sponsorship from a group of donors, students from the Free Tuition Programme were engaged in fun and games through friendly competition among their peers during the Fiesta to win popular vouchers.

To celebrate the season of giving and sharing, each student is given a gift of their choice and on top of that, they were given a goodie bag of stationery worth $20. Popular vouchers were given to all for their participation.

everyday science by nanyang polytechnic

Students from Nanyang Polytechnic's EGcellence Club invited 20 of our beneficiaries to an Everyday Science workshop.

They were given opportunities to learn and conduct different science experiments such as making yogurt out of expired milk (not consumed) and growing coloured flowers by letting it absorb coloured water. The children enjoyed the activities and there were able to bring the flowers back at the end of the event.

On 11 November 2018, Loving Heart collaborated with the Association to give out bursary awards to deserving students at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club, Hilltop Garden Restaurant.

Loving Heart's Adviser, Mr Ang Wei Neng graced the event and awarded 30 Primary and Secondary School students under Loving Heart's Free Tuition Programme. Primary School students received bursary of $150 while Secondary School students received $200.

bursary awards by fo fa dao

ling zhu gong association

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